How to Detangle Your Natural Hair Issues with Michele Roseman | EP. 13

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Welcome back to the Proud N Curly Podcast and to our third visual experience show. If you would like to see the video version of this episode here is the link: (available soon)

**Please bear with us for this recording it was a bit choppy so I apologize for the quality but there were so many gems dropped so it is worth it! 

In today's episode, we talk with Michele Roseman who is the writer of the book Hairlooms! We dive into her beautiful story and journey of how she was able to detangle her heart issues to then go on and embrace her hair issues. She's been blessed to interview amazing women like Maya Angelou, Nicole Parker, and Kim Coles to also get their perspective of their own natural hair journeys. This episode is pretty special guys and one of my favorites!

Here are her links:

Instagram: - Online Course - Break the Block - Launching: Sept/Oct 2018

Definitely show her some love! 


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