My name is Sierra and I am the creator of Proud N Curly. I'm always looking for inspiration for my hair whether that be visual images, like the ones on our Instagram, or stories I can connect with, like the stories we share on our podcast. 

I have a YouTube channel, called Sieee Johnson where I have been sharing my hair journey for the past 5 Years. About a year ago I created an interview series called "Curl Talk" where I asked a couple of my friends, my sister, and some guys that I know, about their hair journey, and what impact the decisions they made with their hair made on their life. I really enjoyed the series and celebrating other types of curls. Naturally, my passion has made Proud N Curly what it is today. 

Proud N Curly is a place where you can be proud of your natural hair. It’s a positive thing! So even if you aren’t proud yet you can work on that and change it.

Being Proud N Curly, it’s not that we are just our hair, it’s that we Are Proud of the way God made this part of us, and we Love this part of us. It’s more about self-love and loving yourself just like you love your curves or your skin color, we love our curls as well!

So don't be shy curlie, claim your spot in the movement and say
"My name is ______ and I am #proudncurly."


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